The diamond gets it’s attractive shine only when it’s polished with perfection. At Priti diamond, we believe our customers are the precious diamonds and with our tailored craftsmanship and expertise we bring out the shine hidden in you. Our Journey began with the beginning of twenty- first century, Priti Diamond commenced its business operations with a single showroom in the city of Ahmedabad in the year 2000, With an enthusiasm of driving away misconception about the purity of metal provided by traditional jewelers, Priti Diamond and Gold jewellery has been satisfying its customers with the best purity of metal, diamonds and gems since day one. As they say good work never stays hidden, our customers became our marketers and the word spread from family to family and city to city. To enhance our customers buying experience, in 2011 we opened another showroom in Surat and with expanding demographics of Ahmedabad, a second showroom in the city in the year 2018.Breaking the barrier between us and our customers, we now bring the same quality crafted jewelry experience online to cater the demand of our customers throughout the globe. 


We are driven by the vision of building an independent society, eradicating the social barriers and giving power to each and every individual of the society. we believe that a sustainable society is the one that takes each member together in the journey of development, leaving behind the negativity of the society and moving forward promoting freedom, trust and confidence


We work to ensure our availability to each and every household of the society. fulfilling needs of everyone regardless of age, gender, and other demographics.
Our designers continuously design jewellery setting trends in the industry. we ensure only ethically sourced diamonds and gems are studded to your jewellery , the jewellery that is crafted matching upmost standards and certifications.From your imagination to your possession, we also ensure that customized jewellery is designed and crafted same as you wanted it. We are always ready to fulfill all your jewellery needs.

Priti Diamond & Gold Jewellery is an exclusive store for all kinds of Gold, Diamond, Silver and traditional Jewellery for  more than 15 years. Priti Diamond & Gold Jewellery, have been providing you Gold, Diamond & Silver jewellery. Priti Diamond & Gold Jewellery offers you an wide range of Gold, Diamond and traditional jewellery dexterously created by experienced artisans.The blends of Ethnic and Western designs provide the essence of what we stand for. The diverse range of jewellery we provide is used for several occasions and religious events which occur throughout the world. Countries spanning all continents have acknowledged and appreciated our jewellery and our services. Our focus remains on innovation and offer the consistent quality at a price which gives the best value for money and are constantly adapted to meet the need of the customers. No wonder that every designer front guard or carrier is a work of art, an expression of emotion that has been honed to perfection.